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VitalTalks: Future of Public Health

May 26, 2023

Lack of investment in Civil Registration and Vital Statistics has been called one of the most important shortfalls in global development over the last 30 years, and the results are devastating.

Tens of millions without identity and rights. Governments flying blind.

For the first time in history, we have the technology, tools and know-how to make every person count. Weve proven that in Bangladesh, where birth and death registration have been boosted fivefold since 2015.

This episode features a recording of our recent CRVS roundtable event, where youll hear from leading experts
engaged in the life-changing work of making millions of invisible people visible.

The event was moderated by Femi Oke, international journalist and broadcaster, with speakers including:

Irina Dincu, Senior Technical Advisor CRVSUnited Nations Population Fund

Janet Miki Ohno, Ph.D., Consultant, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

William Muhwava, Chief, Demographic and Social Statistics Section, African Center for
Statistics, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

Philip Setel, Vice President, Civil Registration and Vital Statistics, Vital Strategies

With opening remarks by Jennifer Ellis, Data for Health Initiative, Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Read more about our CRVS work in this New York Times Magazine cover story by Jeneen Interlandi, The incredible challenge of counting every global birth and death: