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VitalTalks: Future of Public Health

Oct 12, 2022

It’s not news that what we eat has a huge impact on our overall health. What’s not commonly known is that 8 million deaths are associated with poor diet –accounting for 19% of non-communicable disease deaths. Increasingly, ultra-processed foods and beverages have become readily available and have dramatically changed the way people eat, resulting in diets that are much less healthy. Our panelists discuss: What are ultra-processed foods and beverages? What harm do these products cause? What policies have been effective in addressing ultra-processed foods? Do front-of-package nutrient labels work? In the case of front-of-package labels in Brazil and Argentina, how was progress achieved? What were some of the lessons learned?

This show features:

- Trish Cotter, Global Lead, Food Policy Program, Vital Strategies

- Tainá de Almeida Costa, Communication Program Manager, Brazil, Food Policy Program, Vital Strategies

- Steve Hamill, Vice President Policy, Advocacy and Communication, Vital Strategies