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VitalTalks: Future of Public Health

Sep 23, 2021

Two new reports from global tobacco watchdog STOP suggest that British American Tobacco was engaged in potentially illegal activity in Africa, including a military-style surveillance operation to disrupt competitors and hundreds of payments to influence health policy. BAT’s activity may have undermined tobacco control progress across the continent.

On this episode of the Public Health Power Hour, join us for a discussion with those behind the investigation.

Speakers include James Ball, Global Editor, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism; Rachel Kitonyo Devotsu, Regional Coordinator for Africa, McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer and Jorge Alday, Director, STOP, Policy, Advocacy and Communication.

Show links:

STOP, Global Tobacco Control Watchdog:

Sabotage, Deceit and Duplicity: British American Tobacco

Bureau of Investigative Journalism:

McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer: