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VitalTalks: Future of Public Health

May 19, 2023

In this episode, we discuss funding trends in global public health and the potential that new or different financing models have to catalyze impact.

The episode features Ash Rogers, Co-CEO, Lwala Community Alliance; Julius Mbeya, Co-CEO, Lwala Community Alliance and Grace Chiang Nicolette, Vice President of Programming and External Relations, Center for Effective Philanthropy.

The Lwala Community Alliance is a community-led organization based in Kenya that strengthens the capacity of rural communities to advance their own well-being. Lwala is also a grant recipient from Yield Giving, a fund established by McKenzie Scott to provide organizations with unrestricted funding that is transforming the nature and impact of philanthropic giving. Ash & Julius delve into the current financing landscape and what they believe is needed to catalyze impact that prioritizes community needs and leadership.

The Center for Philanthropy (CEP) is a US-based nonprofit that provides data, feedback, programs, and insights to help individual and institutional donors improve their effectiveness. They do this work because of the belief that effective donors can profoundly contribute to creating a better and more just world.