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VitalTalks: Future of Public Health

Mar 3, 2022

Women’s health means ensuring that women have access to healthy environments and quality health care throughout their lives, including care for important issues during their reproductive years such as safe motherhood and access to modern contraception, safe abortions and postabortion care.

Women often face pervasive systemic bias and stigma that lead to challenges across the health spectrum that can prevent them from living long, healthy and prosperous lives.

In this episode, our expert panelists discuss how COVID-19 has changed the landscape and how governments and civil society can take steps towards a future where gender equity is at the center of women’s health care.

This episode features:

- Dr. Mary-Ann Etiebet, Lead, Merck for Mothers & AVP, Health Equity, Merck

- Dr. Justine N. Bukenya, Medical Doctor and a Lecturer in the Department of Community Health and Behavioural Sciences at Makerere University

- Dr. Onikepe Owolabi, Program Director, Data Driven Policy Initiative to Improve Women’s Health, Vital Strategies

- Moderated by Deborah Charles, Senior Managing Editor at Devex