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VitalTalks: Future of Public Health

Jun 27, 2023

Our first interview on this episode is with Lili Farhang, co-director of Human Impact Partners (HIP), a national public health nonprofit. Lili discusses HIP's mission to leverage public health for policy and systems change by addressing power imbalances through equity and collective power that centers social justice movements.

Then we are joined by Hattie from ANSWER Detroit, a sex worker justice collective. Hattie discusses how their mutual aid network supports sex workers' health and well-being, and the significance of public health officials supporting mutual aid groups and including leaders from marginalized communities.

Speakers include:


  • Lili Farhang, Co-Director of Human Impact Partners
  • Hattie, an organizer with ANSWER Detroit


Links to resources mentioned in this episode:

Human Impact Partners:

Health Equity Guide Toolkit:

ANSWER Detroit: